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Due to the fact that the extended arm of the excavator is longer, heavier, and has greater inertia than the standard arm, the operation should be lighter than the standard arm, and each control process should be smooth. The action should not be too fast or too strong, and emergency braking should not be applied. The capacity of the excavator bucket should be configured according to the factory standard, and it is strictly prohibited to replace it with a larger capacity excavator bucket.


gd55光大在老品牌Excavators with extended arms should operate and walk on a flat and solid site. Sleepers or pads should be placed on soft ground. In swampy areas, roadbed treatment should be carried out first, or wetland specific track shoes should be replaced. Before use, the driving wheels of the tracked excavator should be placed behind the working surface. When leveling the work site, it is not allowed to sweep horizontally with a bucket or compact the ground with a bucket.



When working with an excavator with an extended arm, except for loose soil, the maximum excavation height and depth should not exceed the performance specifications of the machinery itself. During backhoe operations, the distance between the track and the edge of the working surface should be greater than 2.0m. The key inspection items before homework should meet the following requirements: lighting, signals, and alarm devices should be complete and effective; Fuel, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil comply with regulations; The connection of each hinged part is reliable; There is no leakage in the hydraulic system.


When working with an excavator with an extended arm, the excavator should try to maintain a horizontal position, brake the walking mechanism, and tighten the tracks. When encountering large hard stones or obstacles, excavation can only be carried out after they have been cleared. It is not allowed to use a bucket to break the stones, permafrost, or use a single side bucket tooth to gnaw hard. When excavating cliffs, protective measures should be taken. There should be no umbrella edges or loose large stones left on the work surface. When there is a risk of collapse, it should be dealt with immediately or the excavator should be evacuated to a safe area.


gd55光大在老品牌When the excavator is working with an extended arm, it should wait for the body to stabilize before digging. When the bucket has not left the working surface, it is not allowed to rotate or walk. When turning the brake, the turning brake should be used, and the steering clutch should not be used for reverse braking. Trembling lifting should not be too violent, and when descending, it should not collide with the frame or tracks. When lifting and rotating the boom and bucket, they must not touch the wall of the hole, the side of the groove, or other objects.


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