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1、 "Look"


If you notice that the engine temperature of the car is too high or the temperature display light is constantly flashing, stop the car and check if the cooling circulating water in the water storage tank is working properly, and if there is any leakage at the water storage tank, water pipe, and various joints. If no abnormalities are found after visual inspection, the cooling circulating water can be replenished according to regulations before resuming work.


If after a period of work, the temperature is still found to be too high, and the parking inspection reveals a significant decrease in the cooling circulating water, most of which is due to sand holes or punctures in the water cooler of the cylinder liner flowing out. After discovering this problem, maintenance should be carried out and one should not take chances.



2、 "Chong"


If dirt is adsorbed on the radiator, over time, it will affect the actual thermal conductivity and cause the temperature to be too high. You can first use compressed gas to blow the heat pipe radiator grille, and then clean it with tap water.


In general, there are four specific processes to deal with the excessive temperature of the excavator car engine: "first look, the second mock examination, three parties, four strikes". Just grasp these four processes, and you can also scientifically and reasonably deal with the problem of excessive temperature of the excavator car engine!


3、 "Touch"


gd55光大在老品牌When the temperature of the car engine is too high, you can use your hands to touch the temperature of the water inlet and bottom pipes to determine the problem. If there is a significant temperature difference between the two water pipes, it can be judged that the water temperature sensor is not working. Unable to purchase spare parts temporarily, the detachable water temperature sensor is in urgent need. Once the spare parts are available, they should be replaced immediately.


4、 Release

gd55光大在老品牌若制冷系统中有气体,会产生气阻,使冷却循环水循环系统欠佳,造成 汽车发动机溫度过高。可使用以下作法放气:让汽车发动机高速运行,将水箱盖轻轻地扭开至刚有汽体释放,这时会出现一部分冷却循环水随汽体一起排出,这般重复数次,直到感觉将汽体排完才行(这时用手去摸上,下水管道溫度会显然不一样)。常见故障消除后,应立即填补冷却循环水。

If there is gas in the refrigeration system, it will generate gas resistance, causing poor cooling and water circulation system, resulting in high engine temperature in the car. The following method can be used to deflate: let the car engine run at high speed, gently twist the water tank cover open until the steam is just released, and a part of the cooling circulating water will be discharged together with the steam. Repeat this process several times until you feel that the steam has been completely discharged (at this time, touch it with your hand, and the temperature of the drainage pipe will obviously be different). After common faults are eliminated, the cooling circulating water should be filled immediately.