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gd55光大在老品牌Excavators with extended arms are divided into two section, three section, and four section types. The two section type is mainly suitable for the handling of soil, sand, concrete, and other construction materials, as well as for the trimming of highway slopes, dredging and dredging of river channels, and excavation of building foundations, rivers, deep ditches, and other earthwork operations; Three section and four section are mainly suitable for dismantling and other operations of high-rise buildings



gd55光大在老品牌Excavators consist of buckets, bucket columns, swivel arms, support feet or wheels, and hydraulic systems. The bucket is hinged with the bucket column, which is hinged at the end of the swing arm. The hydraulic system controls the lifting of the swing arm and the rotation in the horizontal plane through various specialized oil cylinders, the rotation of the bucket column in the vertical plane, the lifting of the support feet, and the changing of the excavation, lifting, and unloading status of the bucket, so that the bucket can excavate soil 3-4 meters above and below the ground and unload the soil to the designated location.


gd55光大在老品牌The capacity of the excavator bucket in the extended arm is approximately 0.1 cubic meters per 15 kilowatts according to the power of the matching tractor. After unloading the bucket, it can also be equipped with various working components such as clam type grab buckets, multi tooth grabbing components, or lifting hooks, which are used for various operations such as material loading, lifting and unloading.


For self priming oil, the oil in the pump plug type pressure tank should not be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark, which is sufficient to maintain the required quantity of hydraulic oil. The cleaner the hydraulic oil is, the longer the pump pressure liquid has a higher service life


At ℃, drain the cooling water and exclude engines that have been filled with antifreeze. Regular maintenance of the engine should be carried out to ensure that the machine always operates in good condition. Be diligent in observation and inspection, identify faults and promptly eliminate them.


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