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Strictly follow the operating procedures and driving essentials, and try to avoid shifting gears as much as possible to reduce wear on the gear pair.


gd55光大在老品牌Strictly implement maintenance regulations and strengthen the maintenance of gear shifting devices. When the shifting device is not connected properly, it should be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure the good performance of the shifting device.


Pay attention to the repair and maintenance of the self-locking mechanism, and promptly repair or replace the positioning steel balls, springs, and shift forks that have reduced or lost positioning efficiency, so as to ensure that the self-locking performance of the self-locking mechanism is in good condition.



gd55光大在老品牌When assembling the transmission, the operating procedures should be strictly followed to ensure that all parts of the transmission are correctly adjusted and properly tightened. On large downhill roads, drivers should strictly follow the key points of downhill movement and not violate regulations.


During the operation of a long arm excavator, if the gearbox experiences a "jump stop" phenomenon, it should be stopped in a timely manner before the cause can be identified and the fault can be eliminated. The specific method is


When driving on flat roads, if there is a "travel stop", you can park according to normal parking instructions, carefully investigate the cause, and troubleshoot the problem.


If there is a "jumping stop" when driving downhill, the gear should be positioned at the high speed position or "grabbing gear" measures should be taken according to the essentials of the upshifting action. After driving to the bottom of the slope, stop and check to eliminate the fault; If "upshifting" or "grabbing" is unsuccessful or "emergency stop" occurs again, the driver can control the engine speed at medium speed, use "braking" to slide the machine to the bottom of the slope, and then troubleshoot.


When driving uphill, a "travel stop" occurs, and the gear can be in low speed or first gear. When the machine reaches the top of the slope, stop the machine and troubleshoot; If the deceleration is unsuccessful or an emergency stop occurs again, stop according to the key points and requirements of parking on a slope, and then troubleshoot.

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