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gd55光大在老品牌In the working state, almost every action of the large and small arms needs to be subjected to force. Although steel smelting technology is already very developed today, each product has its service life. Therefore, after a period of use, there is a certain probability that the large and small arms of a long arm excavator will crack, but the cracking situation varies.


When there is a cracking problem, everyone usually goes to the repair shop to repair the cracked part. However, the skills of the technicians in each repair shop vary, some can withstand it well, while others cannot withstand it well. In fact, besides being related to one's own technology, what is more important is the issue of the repair plan.



Due to varying degrees of fracture, both the large and small arms are welded components, and repairs are mostly welding. If the broken part is slightly in front of the ear seat of the boom oil cylinder, it is not recommended to continue working to prevent further tearing and accidents. What repair method should be used for this cracking situation?


We should cut a portion, cutting 180-200 of the side panels from each side of the fracture, and cutting about 150 more of the lower cover plate from the 180-200 cut of the side panels to the left and right. Next, lay a lining plate under the broken cover plate, weld it, and weld the cracks on the cover plate together. The welding process should be smooth and free of bubbles.


After welding, according to the cut blue side panel, cut a new iron plate according to the size and weld it on, and put a lining plate inside. The lining board should be slightly longer than the sealed side board.


After completing this step, the bottom cover plate is almost not sealed. Before sealing the bottom cover plate, it is still necessary to apply a lining plate first. In order to increase the welding contact area and consolidate the firmness of the welding, after applying the lining plate and sealing the bottom plate, the repair work is basically completed. Next, you can polish and apply putty and paint.


The leasing personnel of the long arm excavator believe that the key to repair is not only the repair method, but also the welding technology factors, which are closely related to the gas used in welding. Ordinary repair shops usually use ordinary gas dioxide welding. It is recommended to use secondary protection welding here as it is more durable and not easy to open, as the high temperature of secondary protection welding results in a larger welding area, which can effectively bond the steel plate.

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